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The Scottish Inner Hebrides (1)


View of the isle of Rùm from the Singing Sands of Eigg.
View on the top of Eigg at the Sgùrr – where it’s possible to see the Isles of Rùm and Skye and the mainland.
The Sgùrr – 393m. The largest pitchstone ridge in Europe.
The main road on Eigg.
Hike to Cleadale on the North side of Eigg, with a view of the Isle of Rùm.
It is said that the view of the Isle of Rùm from Eigg has inspired Tolkien for his Lord of the Rings.
If you take the time to stay on Eigg, you will discover the many different moods of the weather and the landscape. The longer you stay, the more beautiful it gets.

Eigg – the most eco-friendly island in Britain & their sustainable solutions

One of Eigg’s sustainable solutions is their off-grid electric system.  “In 2008, Eigg became the world’s first community to launch an off-grid electric system powered by wind, water and solar – and this group of residents largely taught themselves how to do it. Before that, without access to a national grid, residents relied on noisy, expensive diesel generators that only ran for a few hours a day.” – BBC, 2017.

Eigg’s journey towards sustainability and Self-sufficiency is now taught as an option in schools in Scotland, developed by the Education Scotland.

“The new Isle of Eigg electrification scheme was a community inspired project to electrify the whole island and was the biggest project of [their] first ten-year plan for the sustainable development of the island.”, About Eigg. For a detailed description of Eigg Electricity, you can follow this link: About Eigg.


Arriving at the harbour of Eigg & accomodations




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